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"The Mole" filmed in Calascio   [Thanks to Dan Agatucci for this alert] 

Hello! This is Kira Wagner, the show publicist at Stone Stanley Entertainment for The Mole 2.  I wanted to let you know that yes indeed, your home town is
where we shot our final episode.  Thanks for the support, have fun watching
and don't forget to tape it. 

The final episode featuring Calascio and Rocca Calascio will air on August 6th here in the States and yes, you
can let other people know that Calascio is the final destination!  Thanks again for
the support!  Best, Kira"

Travel and Leisure Magazine, September 2000 issue, has a lengthy article on the high quality Saffron grown in the Abruzzi region.  Calascio is mentioned in several photographs in the printed version of the article, but does not appear in the online version.

Il Messaggero - 6 August 2000 - "Festivals around Abruzzi" -- This year the Sheep Cheese Festival in Calascio was honored by the presence of actors Rocco Papaleo and Michele Placido.  Placido had rented a house there for the summer. 

Il Messaggero - 11 August 2000 - "Michele Placido" - Famous actor, Michele Placido, rewarded a legion of fans in Bisegna with some readings of poetry, including Edgar Lee Master's, "The Spoon River Anthology".  The actor has a love of the countryside of Abruzzi, and is staying at a house in Calascio.

Il Messaggero - 11 August 2000 - "Medieval Show in Santo Stefano di Sessanio" - Some kind of medieval show, complete with plays and singing, will be staged in Santo Stefano.  On the day after tomorrow the show and race will extend to the other towns of Barete, Calascio, Castel del Monte, Castelvecchio Calvisio, and Carapelle Calvisio.

Il Messaggero - 27 August 2000 - "Rocca Calascio Work" - There has been much archeological and restoration work done on the castle in Rocca Calascio, but the work has been suspended.  The regional Secretary has received praise for ordering the work resumed and speeded up.  Already many cultural assets have been discovered there.

Il Messaggero - 1 September 2000 - "Celebration of the Lentils in Santo Stefano di Sessanio" - There are plenty of celebrations in the mountain towns.  Tomorrow and Sunday in the medieval village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio will be the 29th edition of the Festival of the Lentils.  The small, dark lentils available there are the finest on the peninsula.  Tomorrow in nearby Calascio there will be show of tools and trades of the ancient times near the plaza wall of the Castle.  There will be a theatrical show also.   

Il Messaggero - 4 September 2000 - "Politics" - Evangelos Alexandris, provincial coordinator of the Democratic Party, whose symbol is a Daisy, says his party is gaining in popularity.  There are important town elections in Tornimparte, Capitignano, Barete, Fossa, Ochers, S.Demetrio, Ofena, Calascio, and many other smaller centers. But they could gain even more in the elections about to be held in the city of L'Aquila.

Il Messaggero - 6 September 2000 - "Panda Delivery" - Mail delivery will be faster and surer with the new Panda delivery trucks scheduled to start working in the mountain centers of the region during the next winter period.  Scheduled for delivery are 11 Panda 4x4's, 146 Panda 4x2's, 49 - 125 cc motorcycles, and 73 - 50 cc motorbikes.

Il Messaggero - 28 September 2000 - "Endangered Villages" - In this era of globalization there is a part of the Abruzzi region which is fast ageing and dying. Many small municipalities are on the brink of extinction: Opi (500 residents), Carapelle Calvisio (116), Santo Stefano di Sessanio (136), Montelapiano (139), Montebello sul Sangro (140), Pietraferrazzana (155), San Benedetto in Perillis (156), Calascio (201). 60% to 70 % of the municipalities are at risk, and schools and post offices are being closed.  




Il Centro - 30 April 2000 "Two faces of Padre Pio".  Last Friday on Rai Uno (Radio One), an interview with the two actors playing the role of the Pietrelcina friar, Padre Pio: Sergio Castellitto (whose film was already on the air last month) and Michele Placido, filming for an upcoming TV special. Michele Placido tells about the emotion created by the role. His film will be shown on TV in Italy during Christmas 2000.


Il Centro - 21 May 2000 - "Interview with actor playing Padre Pio".  Rocks and solitude, just like in Pietrelcina, home of Padre Pio. Calascio is the set for the story of Francesco Forgione (padre Pio). Actor Michele Placido, from Apulia., has breakfast in the morning in Calascio, already dressed as a friar for the moving filming.