Settlement Patterns
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Calascio natives settled primarily in the coal mining areas of southwestern Pensylvania and central Illinois during the period before 1920.  Their children moved to nearby cities including Springfield, Chicago and Pittsburgh, while later immigrants settled in and around Buffalo and Niagara, New York.  A large contingent of Calascio natives settled in and around Toronto beginning in the 1930's and after World War II.  The map and cities identified below are not exhaustive of all destinations of Calascio immigrants, but rather represent an overly simplified sketch of their settlement patterns.  

Canada -- Toronto, Montreal    

New York -- Buffalo, Lockport, Niagara

Illinois -- Peoria, Springfield, Riverton, Toluca        

Pennsylvania -- Windber, Connellsville, Jeannette, Tarrs, Mt. Pleasant, Johnstown, Lemont Furnace

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