Abruzzo Songs
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Click on the following web address to listen to six traditional folk songs of the Abruzzi,. 


Carlo Di Silvestre, a musicologist and collector of oral Abruzzese songs, is a teacher of music and director of the Ethnographic museum in Mutignano, near Pineto, province of  Teramo.  He has formed an association "Il Passagallo" with five more enthusiasts, to document and preserve the traditional folk songs of the region.  On their website you'll find 2 never before published MP3's with original Abruzzese folk songs handed down orally from generation to generation.  There is a lot of interest in what they are doing since the music and lyrics they are collecting are on the brink of extinction, since nobody has ever written them down.   

(You must have a soundcard and be able to play .mp3 format clips)