Below are two detailed street plans for Calascio and Rocca Calascio, respectively.  They have been scanned from a 1970's era Travel Brochure produced by "Calascio-oggi" (i.e., Calascio Today).  These illutrations were meticulously prepared for that brochure by Silvio Germano, with copies provided for our use by Michele Arcangelo Iocca.  Mr. Iocca is a true historian of Calascio, and for many years has specialized in researching antiquities and anthropological artifacts.

Visitors will find most of the attractions and sites around Calascio and the ruins of Rocca Calascio clearly marked on these maps.  With a little planning, visitors can even pinpoint the ancient homes of their ancestors.

Click on the images below to see a larger map.

                       Street plan for Calascio:                              Street plan for Rocca Calascio:

                        calascio-sm.jpg (174840 bytes)                                               rocca-sm.jpg (34446 bytes)

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