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On these pages you will find biographical essays, family photos, and extended genealogies of featured Calascio immigrant families.  While our Calascio Database extends only to the children and back to the parents of the immigrant, a Featured Family profile contains additional information about grandchildren and later generations, as well as extensive ancestry and pedigrees.

All of the information published on this page has been submitted by a family member whose name and email address is identified for contact purposes.  Please contact them if you wish to learn more about that particular family.


Pietro Ursini Nicola Antonacci Rocco Lozzi Vito Ippolito Antonio Frasco
Pedigree Chart Pedigree Chart Pedigree Chart Pedigree Chart Pedigree Chart
  Angela Matarelli      
  Pedigree Chart      

Pietro Camilli


Pedigree Chart



Featured Families are constructed using Gendesigner software, available  at http://www.gendesigner.com

If you would like to submit a Featured Family for this page, contact us at  calascio@calascio.com