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This photo was taken in Toluca, Illinois in 1930.  The people are numbered.  Most of the adults in this photo were born in Calascio.  Click here to see a list of people identified so far!  Email us with corrections, etc.

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This photo may have been taken in Italy, in the early 1920's or before.  It could also be a Sons of Italy gathering in the US.   A Calascio native is pictured here, but his identity or location in the photo is unknown.



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This Peoria newspaper photograph ran under the caption, "Peoria Italian Americans Leave to Honor Ambassador", probably in the late 1930's.   Identified are:

Kneeling, l to r: 1 Charles Curo, 2 Antonio Maggio, 3 Nick Ingolio, 4 Adam Bartolo, 5 Adam Matarelli, 6 Dominic Matarelli, 7 Joe Maggio; Standing: 8 Sam Romolo, 9 Tony Montefusco, 10 Sam Dantone, 11 Frank Maggio, 12 Fabio Branchi, 13 Silvio Bartolo, 14 August Frasco, 15 Pete Pendola, 16 Edward Zara, 17 John Cardinal, 18 Eugenia Zara, 19 Mrs. Gus Vespa, 20 Mrs. Silvio Bartolo, 21 Gilda Pontarelli, 22 Jeanett L. Zara, 23 Mrs. Ed Zara, 24 Cecelia Zara, 25 Tony Frasco.

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St. Anthony Guild, Riverton, Illinois (19??).  This was a Women's Club of St. James Catholic Church.  Can you identify anyone or date this photograph?

Click here to see a listing of invididuals identified so far.  



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This photo was taken in Peoria in 1931, on the occasion of the 25th wedding anniversity of Louis Ciota and Dora Leone.  Click here to see a listing of the people identified so far.  Email us with additions and corrections!