These photos were submitted by Calascio cousins whose parents and grandparents have older photographs of life in Calascio and Rocca Calascio.  We thank them.

All of these photos were taken prior to 1955. 

[Rosina ?]                    [Assunta DiMarco Antonacci, Tomasso Frasca & wife Gina]    [Amerigo Antonacci]

1955 Unknown Woman.jpg (72678 bytes)    woman.jpg (29944 bytes)                                                Nicola'sBrother.jpg (25875 bytes)    Posing for the camera....

[Antonio Antonacci]            [Enrichetta and Vittoria Antonacci (standing)]

Nicola'sBrother2.jpg (30746 bytes)    CousinsDoor.jpg (105897 bytes)

An old postcard with some panoramic views...

1955postcard.jpg (147618 bytes)    View1.jpg (35972 bytes)      View3.jpg (29245 bytes)

Homes and street scenes...

1955Streetscene.jpg (41543 bytes)    Casa Taranta2.jpg (44477 bytes)

Annual procession of the Madonna delle grazie

Insidechurch1.jpg (27764 bytes)    procession.jpg (36248 bytes)    View2.jpg (38260 bytes)