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Calascio Civil Records 1809-1910
Research Sites


There are many excellent web sites to assist Italian family history researchers.  Visit these sites and explore their resources.

ball6.gif (1712 bytes)    Display a map of Italy with all instances of a given surname displayed !!! 

ball6.gif (1712 bytes)    Italian Occupations (English and Italian crosslisting) 

ball6.gif (1712 bytes)    LDS Film Numbers for Calascio Civil Registrations of Births, Marriages and Deaths 1809-1910

ball6.gif (1712 bytes)    Dozens of research sites to assist Italian researchers:  Italian email, addresses, surnames, and more!  (Updated by Steve Saviello)

ball6.gif (1712 bytes)   Join the Abruzzo2000 WEBRING -- Visit other Abruzzo sites !!!

ball6.gif (1712 bytes)   Abruzzo2000 website for Calascio 

ball6.gif (1712 bytes)    POINT (Pursuing Our Italian Names Together) -- extensive resources

ball6.gif (1712 bytes)    Lou Alfano's Website

ball6.gif (1712 bytes)    Frank Arduini's Website

ball6.gif (1712 bytes) for beginning Italian Genealogy